12 or 50 Tiger Sticks Quantity Orders Only Online

$ 179.00

The one, the only, the authentic. Tiger Stick.
This is the lowest amount we sell direct here at a slight discount.
The cost for 50 is lower...please see amounts with pull down menu.
 We only sell large quantity wholesale direct to stores, distributors and teams who purchase minimum amounts and are verified resellers.
Please see Wholesale Page for Info

Add quantity of 1 to your cart-not 50--1 is a total of 50 or 12.
If you want 24 or 100 for example, it would be a quantity of 2 of whichever you choose..
These come packaged in the plastic bag with our orange tag. 

You can find single sticks at your local sporting goods stores nationwide or just google our brand name online to find a store! (Dicks, Big 5)
If you want only 50 or 12 --PLEASE BUY IT HERE-
Do not call us to purchase this quantity.
Our minimums for wholesale costs are much higher.
We will email a confirmation with an ETA for your shipping time-can vary but approx 1 1/2- 2 weeks depending on placement of order timing.
Large WHOLESALE quantity Pricing sold to stores/distributors/teams only. 

Please see Wholesale Page for Info

Tiger Stick bat wax sports grip baseball mlb

The original professional sports grip!  #1 in the baseball business and now used in many other sports, such as, lacrosse, football, equestrian, golf, surf and any others that need a firm grip.
Used my MLB players worldwide. Sold for wholesale pricing in the large quantity only for your sporting goods store or teams. We also offer co branding to assist your company in its marketing efforts..please see/inquire about separate information.
No stain, no smell--sticky on your bat--the real thing--
the one everyone else tries to imitate and can't! You'll notice they have copied our packaging, even the logo...the text but not the product!  They can never imitate that so be sure you buy the best and the only authentic brand. All natural and MADE IN THE USA.
You can only buy it here. Start giving your customers what they really want...
The one, the only, the authentic. Tiger Stick.