We manufacture our product in our facilities and ship directly from our warehouse in California.
We are capable of very large quantity orders and have a variety of shipping capabilities for larger orders (pallets) 

Let's discuss your needs and get you started with the #1 brand 
All orders are produced fresh at the time you place your order
and come packaged in the plastic bag with our recognizable brand orange hang tag. 
You can easily hang or display any other way you choose.
The product is in a thick cardboard tube
that has an easy tear down to get to the product.
PLEASE do not call--email with requested info as stated below.

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We have used the same cardboard style tear tube for 30+ years and our product is still is #1
among MLB players and in the sporting goods marketplace.
The cardboard is the most reliable, simplest way to go with this product with the fewest returns for stores--no worry about plastic tube breakage & returns ever!

tiger stick sports baseball bat wax grip pine tar

Research: Some other companies that have recently tried using plastic "push up/twist up" style have proven to fail... the product is being reported returned to sporting good stores & Amazon 76.7% of the time because the twisting ability fails to work immediately -
it cannot support the weight to twist it up and breaks- it's just too cheaply made.
(Actual reviews of 2 current market products with twist up style to exemplify problem:
"Literally broke within the 1st 10 seconds of use. The dial at the bottom does not work and the tar stick does advance out of the tube. So I’d have to scrape it out. Nope. Gonna toss it. Disappointed"
"The twister broke first game and is unusable now. Waste of money."


We only sell large quantity wholesale direct to stores, distributors and teams who purchase minimum amounts and are verified resellers..
Almost every MLB team to date has used and is currently using our product. It can be used with all types of bats-metal or wood 

If you are a wholesaler..contact us directly for large quantity pricing
Large WHOLESALE quantity Pricing sold to stores/distributors/teams only.

Please email  tigersticksgrips@aol.com with:
-resale certificate,
-full current shipping/business address & phone #,
-buyer's name, quantity desired, your store/**website/ team name;

PLEASE do not call...we are overwhelmed currently with the number of inquiries about wholesaling and need you to email the info and tell us about your quantity needs. 
If you want less than 125, please see the ability for small team purchases (12 or 50 ) on our site . 

We sell wholesale to larger quantity buyers only. If you are an Amazon seller- you have a better chance of being approved to sell our brand if you own a sporting goods store or website vs just Amazon only.

Once approved as a buyer and we have your resale info on file, we will email you wholesale pricing and all ordering info and forms and you may then place your first order/PO with us. We create long term relationships

bat grip tiger stick baseball bat wax

We do follow MAP pricing and must approve any selling on Amazon or any other such "outlet" type store other than your own.
The distributor/MAP agreement will be given for signature at the time you actually place the first order.
MAP pricing allows plenty of room for profit still but assures our brand's reputation and your investment are not undersold and cheapened.
Some Amazon sellers do not understand this so we have stopped approving many Amazon accounts to sell.

See the "Unauthorized distributor-BUY AT OWN RISK" list under Distributor info page. 

"This product is not considered to be or to contain hazardous chemicals 
based on evaluations under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. 
 No SDS Sheet is required; 
"The HCS does not require manufacturers, or importers to supply SDSs for non-hazardous chemicals."

Note & Disclaimer:
Regardless of product makeup..it is not to be taken internally.
If your animal eats part of it - use your best judgement and take it to a vet if you have concerns. Please do not call us for information or medical advice in this situation. The product is to be used as intended for a variety of sports.