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 Steve Garvey, MLB legend, ten-time All Star ball player, swears by the Tiger Stick brand and has passed it on to his 2 sons as the secret weapon.
His son Ryan Garvey who's hoping to follow in his dad's footsteps to the MLB uses it out on the field for a winning game. 

"Hit it hard with the best grip in the game...Tiger Stick," declared Steve Garvey adamantly about the product. It says something when a product is being passed down from one respected player to future generations.

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The Gold Standard for the MLB & all others...

"Tiger Sticks are the best in the game. No other brand compares. Tiger Stick works its magic as soon as applied.
All of the other imitations take time to dry and don't have a long lasting hold," 
--Aaron Cunningham, MLB; Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Padres, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks

"Love this stuff. I could eat it. Have to be sure we have it for the games." --JD Martinez-MLB,
Detroit Tigers, now Boston Red Sox
(See his photo with product on site under photos)

                  (LA Dodgers Yasiel Puig won't play without it-see his photo on website promoting product)



Real ball players use the stick
Tiger stick is the way to go with pine tar.
It stays on longer and works way better than the others. The only way to go.

Simply the best sticky grip substance available.

Better than pine tar! This is a solid stick, not goopy like some pine tars I've used. It's easy to apply an appropriate amount to a bat handle, and is quite tacky. The stick lasts a very long time, and once applied to a bat, I can typically use the bat for 3 or 4 times before I need to reapply.

Good grip & very little mess really helps put confidence in your swing. I really didn't realize how much difference it would make double thumbs up rating

Great Pine tar-I got a Marucci pine tar stick for my B-Day and I didn't like it then I tried this and could immediately feel the difference.

Great Quality Pine Tar
This pine tar works well on both wood and metal bats. Great for spring to fall competition, and can get the job done in the winter.

perfection--threw it on my cf- insane because I didn't want to use lizard skin, it works better than lizard skin and batting gloves!

Best of its kind
By far the best pine tar I have ever used. I used it for a wood bat tourney and it is fantastic. I have tried the Adidas stick and the liquid stuff but both are terrible compared to the Tiger Stick. Great grip and great price.

Super tacky
Love it!
why buy lizard skin when you can buy this and put it on more than one bat?

its the best
You can't go wrong with this product. Best money can buy.

This stuff is awesome. ultimate tack! Lasts long, doesn't make a mess! 5 star product!

"Love this stuff. I could eat it. Have to be sure we have it for the games." --
Victor Martinez-MLB, Detroit Tigers

                  Tiger Stick...the sports grip that the MLB players trust and
               DEMAND for their  games..
We sell to literally almost all of  the Major League.  
They know the are getting the real thing when they buy Tiger Sticks, not a cheap knock off brand who tried desperately to imitate us and couldn't.
Our reputation and brand name speaks for itself for
                  almost 30 years...
Trust the name the Pros ask for because it's the same one the
                  kids all ask for. It sells itself.

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