Gold Standard Sports Grip/Bat Wax Baseball Bat Grip

                                                                                                  Steve Garvey 

"This is the gold-standard for pine tar alternatives. A little goes a long way. This is the best grip stick out there." Phil Peters

"The best product out there-my son's baseball team uses this now. There's no other comparison on the market. We tried everything before we found it." Jim Emerson

"Just got it and had a baseball game and it worked terrific. I unwrapped and put it on my bat and it sticks completely without leaving a mess. Great item." Ben Siegel

"Recommend this product to anyone! Get rid of your old pine tar. I tried this & won't go back now - I saw the major leagues-Angels- using it during a game and I found it." Bill Knoxton

"I use their Tiger Sticks on my bats..great grip. It's the best! It's part of my game." Willie Estrada "I ordered this for my son after several people recommended it. I ordered it online from a sporting goods store. It works better than pine tar, and without the mess! Totally worth the price." Jackie W.

"Tiger Sticks are the best in the game. No other brand compares. Tiger Stick works its magic as soon as applied. All of the other imitations take time to dry and don't have a long lasting hold," --Aaron Cunningham, MLB; Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Padres, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks