About Us

We sell large quantity to distributors/wholesalers please review information and email for further questions.

We care about our clients, which is why we work with most of the largest distributors and sporting goods stores nationwide. We have gotten and retained their business because we work with them to make their goals our goals and increase their sales dramatically through our brand and co branding efforts as well. We have been in business for over 30 years....it speaks for itself.

Do what you do best and that's what we do. Our product is a pine tar alternative.. NOT pine tar..
it still has a great smell without the mess or staining. It is a grip stick tar alternative that the major leagues and minor leagues use and swear by. They demand it.
Tiger stick bat wax bat grip pelican bat wax manny mota sports grip baseball MLB
Other brands keep trying to imitate our product and can never compare...It's why we've been in business 30 years now with the same brand and grow even bigger each year! Our product is now a "must have" item on sporting good store shelves. 
(If you see a product sold the same way-in a tube like this, same marketing text even as below...you know they are ripping you off by selling a cheap imitation) -they are desperately trying to copy us.
Would you buy a fake Gucci or Chanel product? You can tell the difference in the product---it speaks for itself.
Buy authentic.

Also refer to the "Distributor Info Page" for Buy From at Your Own Risk Listed Sellers-these are sellers we do not authenticate what they are selling-mostly on Amazon. Anyone who is making a similar product using our exact text and almost identical imagery with bats also belongs on this page. Buyers beware.
tiger stick baseball bat sports wax grip
  • Improves bat grip and control
  • Prevents slippery, sweaty hands
  • Gives you a non-slip grip even with your hardest swing
  • No mess-no stain pine tar alternative
  • Most requested grip on the market by professional players
  • Can also be used for: Lacrosse, Cricket, Football, Surfing, golf, any applications where you need a strong grip between you and the sport.

    Fast turnaround, depending on order quantity and time of year but we do our very best to accommodate your needs. Our warehouse stays on top of all quality control and packaging to assure you receive your items correctly.
    Quality control & triple security counts along with security shipping tape on our end ensure proper no tamper packing.

     "This product is not considered to be or to contain hazardous chemicals based on evaluations made by our company under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200." No SDS Sheet is required;
    "The HCS does not require manufacturers, or importers to supply SDSs for non-hazardous chemicals."
    Also in conjunction with: 
    California Prop. 65: Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986;
    Chemicals Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer:
    This product does not contain a chemical requiring a warning under California Prop. 65: Tiger Stick

*The Tiger Stick product is meant for proper sports use and responsible storage.  Use as directed only.
We are not responsible for pets or small children improperly using/ingesting the stick for example. We do not give medical advice. Any ingestion of any such product should be looked at by a Dr/vet as with any other item.