Info on Distributors/Buyer Beware

We sell directly to major distributors and re-sellers worldwide. 
In turn..they resell the product to their accounts. All of our direct distributors have signed an Authorized Distributor Agreement and we have full information and contact on each one. If we do not sell directly to them or if they did not contact us to sign an agreement through another distributor OR they find our product through another source, we cannot call them authorized sellers and will not guarantee or endorse the product they are selling.

There are many on Amazon that fall into this category-we have tried personally to contact them and speak with them to further clarify their sales and they have so far refused to comply or communicate. For this reason, we have created this list to warn buyers to BUY AT THEIR OWN RISK from the listed sellers. We will continue to monitor Amazon and Google for MAP violators and unauthorized, possibly counterfeit sellers.
We do not take responsibility for any sellers that did not directly purchase the product from us or bought past an 18 month period. We also take no responsibility for the products of anyone who infringes on our trademarks, patents or copyrights and we will legally pursue any infringements of any kind.

(A trademark infringement is one that causes confusion in the marketplace by utilizing an existing trademark name and/or design /logo)

We feel the need as well to be sure that sellers are staying consistent and honest and sell fresh product..
therefore, we will also require that sellers have purchased product within an 18 month period or we also cannot vouch for what they are selling. 

We hope this list helps to guide you and upholds the integrity of our brand.


(Either company or Amazon Profile names and/or
websites are listed:) 

-Cheap Sports Outlet   (Amazon Seller)

-Beaver Bat/Peter Curti- (unsure that they are actually our sticks-if so they are 3 years old-won't authenticate)
NOTE: Same Beaver Bat company has infringed using our name to confuse buyers-we in no way endorse the product they currently sell as a wrap using our name.

-MPowered Baseball (unsure that they are actually our sticks-if so they are 4 years old -won't authenticate)

-Pinnacle Sports/Bamboo Bat-(same as above-old purchase-won't authenticate) Selling cheap because of this-BEWARE